Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ditat Deus

okay so the past few days have been very exciting and apprehensive at the same time. Mostly because I found out that i got a job for the summer at Anasazi! Anasazi is an outdoors camp for troubled youth in Arizona. I'm going to be a "trail walker" which is basically like a councelor. When i first found out i got the job, i was a little hesisant whether to take it or not, just because i've been having so much fun lately in Utah and i already had some good summer plans. However, Anasazi is really a once in a life time opportunity and it will be an amazing experience. I am really really really excited!!! I start May 6th, so I will be moving to Arizona the first week of May. i'm so excited to live by Katherine again too! I can't wait! I also sold my contract hallaluah!! So as long as the girl that is buying it doesn't back out, i'm all set! AND I think that me and some friends found a really cute house to live in for the fall (and it is cheap), so that is super exciting as well. I can't believe that this semester is already coming to an end. It went by SO fast. It has been really great tho. I can't wait to see what this summer brings! and next fall.
Well this past weekend was easter and my church's general conference. It was SO good. i love conference. i feel like as i've gotten older, i have come to love conference a lot more and get more out of it every year. All the talks were so good. The apostles are such great examples of truly humble, christlike men. I love them so much. I got to go to conference sunday afternoon session and listen in person. The spirit is always so strong in the conference center. It was also really neat to listen to Jim Martino speak. He is from my home stake and is now one of the General Authorities. His wife used to babysit me when I was little and it was so cool to see him talking at General Conference. His talk was really good and I really enjoyed it. I thought this was really cute: As everyone was exiting the conference center after conference ended, President Uchtdorf and some of the apostles started waving to everyone as they left and everyone in the conference center starting waving bye back. It was really cute. After sunday afternoon session, I went over to the Beifuss' for easter dinner. ALL their family is in town so there were a lot of people there. It was a lot of fun. After dinner, Grandma June gathered everyone together in the great room (like thirty people) and we went around and each said our favorite talk or something we learned from conference. It was really good to hear what everyone had to say and just be reminded of some of the great stories from conference. I loved it and i think one day i will make it a tradition in my own family.
Also this weekend, I got to celebrate Celeste's 17th birthday with the Cosletts! They came into town for David's wedding and for Conference, so saturday night they threw celeste an indian themed birthday party. It was so fun!! It was set up and decorated so cute. They really are like my second family and I'm glad i got spend time with them!
Well i think that's all for now. I get my EMT-basic certification in about 3 weeks and I am really excited about that as well. Life is so great and i've been so blessesd. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!!!

love you all. over and out.

P.S. if your wondering about the blog title... it is the Arizona state motto. haha. it means "God Enriches." yuh!

Monday, March 15, 2010

looking forward

I am looking foward to so many things this time of year. First and formost i am anticipating SUMMER right now! I am so done with the cold and dreariness of winter, and cannot wait to be able to do things outside once again. I am anticipating school to be done. which for me wont be over until june because more than likely i am taking a couple of summer classes. It will be nice to be a little farther in school. But most of all I am looking forward to this.....

Lady Antebellum and Tim Mcgraw are coming to utah this summer, July 30! they are also performing in dallas on may 7 (i am kind of tempted to go home for my bday and go to it) and pheonix, AZ june 30. I LOVE lady antebellum. I am way excited to see them in concert! I've only been to one other "official" concert and that was the Eli Young band. I can't wait!

The Lion King Broadway play is coming to Utah in August. I want to go see it so bad!! I heard that wicked is coming too, which i would like to see also, but out of the two i think i would pick the lion king. I don't know much about wicked. has anyone that reads this seen wicked?

I also really want to go on a cruise this summer. or some kind of trip to the beach. a pretty, WARM beach. You can find last minute cruises for like $250, which would be a lot of fun. Some friends and I were talking about an LDS singles cruise the other day. haha. we wouldn't actually go in hopes of finding someone, but i think it would be really funny/entertaining to go on one of those and see how everyone is. it would be great.

aaannddd I am super excited to go visit AZ this summer! yeah kat!

Summer needs to hurry. And I need to find me a second job so that I can do all of these fun things that I want to do. Donations are welcome. haha just kiddin.


P.S. I am also looking forward to these events: St. Patricks Day, Easter, April General Conference, and My 21st birthday. Woop Woop!

Friday, February 12, 2010

fun facts.

4 years ago I was:
16 years old
A Junior in High School
my life consisted of going to school, working at sonic, and having fun with my friends.

5 Things I must do before I go to bed tonight:
1) Finish my shift at work
2) Go to the store and buy a few items for the Enrichment retreat tonight.
3) Post an ad on KSL for my contract.
4) Workout
5) Go to retreat and eat yummy food and play games with my interesting ward.

My Favorite Treats:
ohhh oh oh... i love them all. My favorites would probably be an Oreo shake, ice cream, and chocolate with caramel in it. oh and toffee. yum. and smoothies.

What if I suddenly became a billionaire:I would...
be insanely happy. my problems and life worries would be solved.
okay so here is what i would do...
1. first i would pay off all my car, credit card, and student loans.
2. I would buy my mom a new car. and liz a new car.
3. I would buy my mom her dream house. closer to me, preferrably.
4. pay for my caroline's school. and probably buy her a new car too.
5. pay all my family's bills.
6. pay for nikkie's school.
7. go to texas for a week. or two.
8. go visit kat and go shopping and have a fun girls weekend.
9. go to hawaii again. and maybe europe.
10. save,save, save. If i was a billionare, i would put at least half a billion in a special account that earned interest for retirement money. oh and start college funds for my future kids.

Places I've lived:
Denton, Tx
Katy, Tx
Grand Prairie, Tx
Mesa, AZ
Highland, UT
Provo, UT

8 Jobs I've had:
1) Babysitter
2) Sonic Drive- In
3) The Peaks Ice Arena-front desk
4) Northstar Alarm Systems- sales consultant
5) Best Buy
6) The Cheese Cake Factory- Hostess
7) Financial Quest Consulting- Secretary
8) Marriott Hotel- At your service

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me:
1) I have green eyes. sometimes i wish i had blue, but i love green, bc not very many people have green eyes.
2) I like to have things planned out for the most part. like my week schedule, activities, budget, and future plans. and i'm always planning or scheming something exciting or some fun trip.
3) I'm EXTREMELY indecisive. I think i have, at one time or another, wanted to be every career there is out there.I'm horrible at making up my mind.
4) I'm obsessive about exercise and eating healthy (or trying to eat healthy, i should say)
5) I have moved 24 times in my lifetime of 20 years.
6) I looove dancing and making up stupid dance moves.
7) i have so many scars all over me from going on "adventures" or doing stupid things as a child.
8) i like the smell of gasoline.
9) I laugh at everything. i havn't decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet. but most of the time, i can't help it.
10) I can't stand my room being dirty for more than 2 days. I can't function in filth.
11) i'm not a phone person. at all. i suck at texting people back. and i usually only like talking on the phone if i am really bored or i really like you or am really interested in what you are saying. just sayin.
12) I think i want to go on a mission.
i've only been to one official concert in my life- Eli Young Band
14) I suck at saying no, or being mean, unless i am really comfortable with you... and then i can get quite the attitude.
15) If i lived in dream land and had all the money in the world, i would want to start some sort of program to help homeless people.
16) i used to looove taking naps. but now, i can't nap if i know that there are things that need to be done.. like homework, laundry, errands, etc.
17) I want to run the st. george or boston marathon.
18) smacking is my biggest pet peeve. i can't stand it.
19) i love big dogs. and reaaaally wish i could get one
20) i live for the summertime.
21) i'm kind of a pyro. okay fine, i AM a pyro. i love playing with fire /setting things on fire and fireworks etc.
22) i love to read.
23) I've never been to disneyland.
24) I can touch my tongue to my nose.
25) My knees, elbows and jaw constantly pop.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

little letters

dear utah,
please get warmer and allow the sun to shine more. i am tired of cold winter and ready to be able to wear sun dresses and sandals. thankyougoodbye.

dear math teacher,
please let me turn in my homework late so that i can pass.

dear anasazi,
please hire me.

dear body,
please lose 15 pounds so that you can look like jessica alba.

dear mom,
thank you so much for everything you do for me on a daily basis.

dear friends,
thank you for keeping me going and laughing.

dear car,
please fix your own brakes.

dear summer,
please please please hurry.

dear Texas,
i miss your thunderstorms.

dear future children,
these are your possible names:
girlys: addelle, anne, bridget, camille, caroline, chirity, josephine, madison, madeline, mae, presley, quinn, rily, regina, reba, scarlett, tatum, addison, blake, cameron, fallon, leighton,

and boys: addison, ardon, ashton, barrett, blake, denton, burton, carson, carter, chandler, dallin, jaydon, elias- eli for short, fallon, finley, gabriel, gavin, greyson, hudson, isaac, jackson, kade, lawson, mack, marshall, mitchell, orlando, owen, rowan, tyson, tex, cooper, rowan, dallas, walker

as you can see, i am very indecisive and am still trying to pick and find cute names.

dear bills,
go away.

dear future husband,
where are you?

dear kat,
i miss you so much. i miss laughing and being goofy with you. come visit soon please.

dear nordstrom,
please give me all the cute clothes and shoes i saw at your store the other day. thanks.

dear cute headbands from cute website,
lower your prices.

dear mountains,
thank you for being so beautiful and brightening my day when i notice how gorgeous my view is.

dear eyes,
thank you for allowing me to see. right now we have a lot of blind people staying in our hotel and i feel really bad that they dont get to experience sight.

dear blog,
thank you for entertaining me at work.

love you all.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crazy Eight's

Crazy Eight's

8 Things I am passionate about
1. My Family
2. My friends
3. The gospel, I dont know where I would be without it
4. Working out
5. Learning, i love learning new things I can apply to my life or just interesting things
6. Reading
7. Dancing/ Music, even tho i am so not talented in these categories, my life would be so boring without them
8. People, i just love people in general

8 words or phrases I use the most

1. I love you
3. seriously. (i'm trying to use that phrase less tho, its sounds extremely blonde.)
4. dudeski
5. hold on
6. haha
7. bye ya'll
8. Where are you?
9. "Good Afternoon, thank you for calling the provo marriott hotel, this is virginia, how may i direct your call" ( i say that about 50 times a day at work)

8 things I want to do before I die
1. Get married/ Have children
2. Become a nurse
3. Go to navoo and visit the church historial sites
4. Travel more
5. Master sewing/ make cute blankets and clothes
6. Help my family/ take care of my mom
7. Get a six pack
8. Learn to speak Spanish fluently

8 things I need now
1. fruit and healthy food at my house
2. My car and bills paid off
3. A 10k donation... see # 2
4. new tennis shoes
5. New brakes and windshield for my car
6. A vacation to somewhere warm (aka go visit katherine)
7. to finish school
8. a shopping spree

8 places I want to visit
1. Navoo
2. Italy
3. Greece
4. Australia
5. Paris
6. London
7. New York City
8. Jerusalem

8 favorite restaurants (or food items)
1. Zupas
2. Cafe Rio
3. CPK
4. Guru's
5. Mi Casita
6. Olive Garden Salad and Bread sticks
7. Spoon-Me frozen yogurt
8. Pumpkin pie

8 favorite TV shows
1. Modern Family
2. Will & Grace
3. So You Think You Can Dance
4. Friends
5. Biggest Loser
6. The Office
7. The Bachelor
8. I shouldn't Be Alive

Thank you blog for entertaining me at work.

Friday, December 4, 2009

life lately

life lately has been grrrreeaaat. Crystal came and stayed with me during her thanksgiving break and it was SOOO much fun!!! all the laughter and fun was much needed. she is applying to byu so she wanted to come check it out. i REAAALLLY hope she gets in. it would be my dream come true and so much fun! anywho. thanksgiving was fabulous and so delicious. we went over to the Beifuss' for breakfast and then hung out all day til the feast was ready. it was a lot of fun. i love that family. i've started working at the marriot hotel in provo, which i LOVE so far. like i actually look forward to going to work. everyone is really fun and funny. and relaxed. its great. i get to go home in 15 days!!! it will be the first christmas in a while that we've had in houston with everyone and i am so excited! i'm excited to see turner and britney and their kids who i havnt seen in a very long time. i truly LOVE christmas time. it really is the greatest time of the year. one of my best friend's, Maria, just had her baby. a little boy named Boston Ray. he is so adorable. i love him already. i LOVE holding new babies. they are just so sweet and so precious.

other things that have been happening lately.....


SUCH a great movie. seriously it is one of my new favorites movies. it was so sad and so happy at the same time. and so touching how the mom took him in and helped him so much. I love giving good-hearted people. i really really loved the movie.


so today was my day off and i was really productive and watched modern family ALL day. haha. i hadn't watched it yet, but i had heard good things so i finally looked it up and watched it and i was laughing the whooooole time. hahah sooo funny. its up there with friends on how funny it is


i don't know if any of ya'll watch chelsea lately.... she has a late night show on E. probably not bc the show is kind of racy. but chelsea handler is SO funny!

her and Jenny McCarthy and Leah Remini (wife from King of Queens) made these "webisodes" called in the motherhood which is about... thats right... motherhood. and they are HILARIOUS. seriously. watch them. crystal showed them to me and we were c r a c k in g up! here is the link to go watch them... seriously watch them you wont regret it.....

or you can look them on youtube too, if that link doesn't work.


ay ay ay! i love this place! i won a gift certificate there at my work christmas party and i just want to say how much i love that restaurant. so good. If you ever want to win my heart... take me there.


When crystal was here

we went to temple square look at the lights. I love temple square. crystal had never been so we walked all over and then we even got a tour of the new conference center. I've been there once before for the conference, but the tour was so amazing. all the little things about the conference center and things that went into building it are really neat. if you ever get the chance take the tour. its really short and interesting. anywho i love the temple and i cant wait to go someday.

i've had an itch to travel lately.

i really want to go to europe and just be able to go see these cool places

The first picture is Italy. which i've heard is so gorgeous. I would love to go see rome and all the cool historical places there. the second picture is Paris. i would wa

nt to go to paris too but really i just want to go to France. I hear they have way yummy food, and all the fashion and cool historical places. i would love to go there. the third picture is jerusalem. I have a friend at byu jerusalem right now and she says it is AMAZING. so spiritual and so pretty. it would be SO neat to go see the places where Christ visited and loved. I def want to go there in my lifetime. and the last picture is hawaii. i just love the beach. i want to go anywhere with a beautiful beach.

also... i would just like to comment on how cute old people are. I love seeing cute old couples walking around or old ladies that are still best friends. i love it.

so cute.

last but not least... if your having a bad day, watch this...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dont worry, be happy

Okay so i've decided to finally update my blog. HOORAY! lol

So as most of you know i'm living in provo. i just moved into a new house which is SUPER cute. our old house was really cute as well, but it was pretty old and not quite as clean and it didnt have as much space as our new one. i loooove our new house. and we have a pretty big backyard and even have an apple tree. i'm living with Nikkie Shepherd and Tricia Ragsdale-- friends from TX. I'm starting to really LOVE my ward. at first i really didnt like it all, which i feel really bad about now because as i have gotten to know a lot of the people in it i truly love it. there are def some different and intersting people in my ward, but i'm learning to appreciate them. :) lol. there are a lot of new fun people that just moved in so I am very excited for this semester and activities.

So the old company that i worked for (i was a secretary-- one of the best/easiest jobs ever!) went out of business, so i have been out of a job for about 3 weeks. I was sad for that job to end but at the same time excited for something new. I was kind of ready for a new job just because being a secretary can be very monotonous and boring at times, but i really loved the people i worked with and had so much fun with them so i was sad for that to be over. Anywho, at first i wasnt too worried about finding a new job but when nothing was happening and no new job opportunities were showing up i started getting pretty stressed. BUT luckily as of yesterday I am now employed :) I got a job at journeys shoes store. I went in today and filled out new hire paperwork and the job seems pretty fun and everyoen that works there is really laid back and nice. The manager that hired me said that he thinks I could definitely potentially be a manager, which would be freaking amazing! i am very excited. AND i get a 40% discount which i am veryveryvery excited about too. I am also working for my friend's dad at his kiosk in the mall. it is a super easy job. so needless to say this semester and next year i am going to be spending a lot of time at the mall. which is going to make it very difficult to not spend all my money there. I will just have to practice some restraint. i can do it :)

I am taking this semester off of school because i am trying to either get into BYU or get utah residency so that UVU will not be so dang expensive. Hopefully i get into byu. OH and i just changed my major to nursing. I'm going to be a Nurse Practitioner. to be a nurse practitioner is only 2 extra years after nursing school and it pays a lot more and has great hours. so i've decided to that. I am so excited! Nursing school is going to be hard tho and i wish i could just be done with school already and into my career but i have a waaaaaaaaaaaayysss to go. it will great tho.

I am also applying for byu HAWAII. yuhboiii!! i went to hawaii for one of my best friend's wedding last week and i FELL IN LOVE with hawaii. It was so amazing. it is soo pretty and the people are so nice and laid back. i would love to go to byu hawaii and live there. some people say that they wouldnt want to live there because then where would they vacation. which makes sense. but freak, I can think of aton of other places i would love to go vacation.( like the mountains, europe, new york, italy, paris etc etc.) It would be super expensive tho which is why i would only want to live in hawaii for school, or if i had a ton of money and was able to afford traveling. It would suck to be so far away from everything. and hawaii is super humid. i could deal with the humidity since the beach is everywhere and i think i would really love it. ANYWHO. ashley's wedding was SO pretty! the Kona Temple (where they got married) is really beautiful. i loved all the exotic flowers they had on the temple grounds. I am so glad i got to go! ashley looked beautiful too. her dress was very vintage and simple but super pretty. The whole wedding party stayed in a rad beach house RIGHT across the street from the beach. my first day i woke up at 4 o clock in the freaking AM because of the time change. but i actually didnt mind waking up that early. kat and kim were already awake too so we all went to the store with Jerry to get some food to make breakfast. Jerry and kim seriously make bomb breakfasts. anyways all week long we were able to spend a lot of time at the beach and with each other and it was SO much fun! I have no idea how to post pictures on this thing so if any of you people know how... fill me in :). otherwise theres some on facebook. so i really enjoyed hawaii and i reallyreallyreally hope i get into byu hawaii because that woudl be awesome!

well i think that is pretty much it for now i cant think of anything else too exciting that has gone on. oh wait actually i ran a marathon a few weeks back!! it was a lot of fun and i can now see why some people get addicted to running marathons. i met some really funny marathon runners. there was one 65 year old lady who has ran like 70 marathons! crazy huh! and she is setting me up on a date with her son. haha. there was also like a ton of 70 and 80 year old men running it. man, i just hope i can walk at that age! haha jk but they were amazing shape for their age. hopefully i will be running one again in like apr or may next year so if any one want to join me feel free!

ohh i guess i will also tell about my experience at byu this summer. sorry this is so long... i just usually never feel like updating this thing! but i loooooveeee BYU! my summer semester there was so much fun! I only took a few classes.... volleyball, an online health class and new testament. my online health class was freakishly easy. volleyball was SO much fun! there were a lot of cool people in my class. and i loved loved my new testament class. it is probably my favorite class i have ever taken in my whole life. I learned SO much. My teacher was really awesome and amazingly knowledgeable in hebrew, greek, history, the new testament time period stuff and in the scriptures. I learned so much more about jesus's teaching and how true they are. we are so blessed to have this church and it's great teachings and guidlines. It really is the truth. I loved how my teacher would apply jesus' teachings to the us now. he gave us a lot of great true advice. i could go on and on about everything we discussed in that class, everyday i would call someone in my family or tell my roomates something i had learned or talked about in that class. it was great. so if anyone ever goes or is going to BYU, you shoud def take new testament from professor Draper. he is amazing. i also like how every class, even volleyball, started or ended with a prayer. def different than most universities and kind of weird at first, but i think that is so neat and i love it. byu is so centered around the church and it is really great.

Welp that is all for now. I am really loving utah again (i was missing texas a lot for a while there) and i have been having a ton of fun! hope everyone is doing good!